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Solitaire is a card game, or rather group of card games, that date to the mid eighteenth century. The game was first mentioned in literature in Germany in 1783, but is a game that has been played internationally under several different names. The French call it Success, and the Danes, Norwegians, and Poles often refer to it as Kabal.

Like the title suggests, Solitaire is a game that is played by oneself. Originally, the game was played with multiple people taking turns playing with individual sets of cards. Eventually, Solitaire became a game that was played completely alone as a result of people practicing for tournament games. Solitaire did not become particularly popular in France until the mid 19th century. Around the same time, the game spread to England, thanks to Prince Albert, where it became increasingly popular.

By the mid nineteenth century, various forms of Solitaire began to take shape, and demand for these patience games increased. By the 1980’s, the invention of personal household computers made solitaire and similar card games more popular than they had ever been before. There are now more than 100 different forms of Solitaire, all available to play online or pre-loaded on personal computers. Keep reading to learn how to play basic Solitaire!

How To Play Solitaire

Solitaire is a game that is both addicting and surprisingly easy to play. Thanks to the ability to play Solitaire online, players no longer have to go through the laborious and time consuming process of laying out the cards. Start playing with just the click of a mouse! In order to play, players must draw cards from the deck and place them in ascending order on exposed cards. When a stack of upright cards is moved or used up, the player may then flip another card face up from the stack.

In order to win Solitaire, players must arrange all cards into ascending order from Ace to King, in each of the four suits of the deck. Solitaire is a fun game that anyone can play, and should be enjoyed by everyone! Start playing Solitaire on GamesDa today!

If you’re looking for the rules of solitaire, you can read their here.

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