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The roots of Snooker date back to the form of English Billiards that was played in the 16th century. By the 19th century, British Armed Forces stationed in India spent a lot of time playing games such as Life Pool and Pyramid Pool. These popular cue games were eventually combined to create what is now known as Snooker. By the time the 1930s rolled around, it was quickly becoming one of the most popular cue sports played throughout the world.

Currently, Snooker has its own world championship, as well as a dedicated television channel in Great Britain. While Snooker has similarities to traditional Billiards, it also has several variations. Among these is that Snooker is played with a cue ball and 22 playing balls. There are fifteen red playing balls worth one point each, a yellow ball worth two points, a green ball worth three points, a brown ball worth four points, a blue ball worth five points, a pink ball worth six points, and a black ball worth seven points. Interested? Keep reading to learn how to play Snooker.

How To Play Snooker

Each game is divided into frames. In order to win a frame, one player must pocket balls to add up to a score that is higher than his or her opponent’s score. A game of Snooker consists of a predetermined number of frames. The balls are arranged in a specific order on the playing table, with the red balls and colored balls separate from one another. In order to be allowed to attempt to pocket one of the higher scoring colored balls, players must first pocket a single point red ball.

When all of the balls on the table are pocketed, the scores are added up and the player with the highest score wins the frame. Snooker is one cue game that is usually attended by a referee. When you play snooker, the referee is the judge of fair play and good sportsmanship. Are you interested in this game? Find lots more to read about its rules.

Play Snooker online to see what a fun game it is, and what variations there are of traditional Billiards. When you play Snooker online, you build your skills and develop an eye for strategy. What are you waiting for? Play Snooker today!

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