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Snake is a popular video game that made its first appearance in arcades in the 1970’s. The game has held onto its popularity since then, and is now found pre-loaded on many cell phones.

The first version of Snake that came factory loaded onto personal computers was called Worm and was published in 1978. Since its introduction as a pre-loadable game, Snake has become quite popular among classic game enthusiasts and time wasters alike. The game now has several variations from the original classic version. Keep reading to find out how to play this classic video game!

How To Play Snake

The concept of Snake is very simple. The player must move the digital snake around and around the game screen without running into any objects or running into the snake’s tail. This seems simple enough, but can get quite complicated! To make the game more difficult, you must collide with food pellets, which causes the digital snake to grow in length.

In order to move the digital snake, players must use arrow keys and attempt to avoid running into obstacles or colliding with their tail. Because the game has no levels, lives, or second chances, one mistake means game over! And instead of going back a level, game over means you have to restart the game from the beginning. In this way, Snake is a very challenging game that can quickly become frustrating if you have a tendency to press the wrong keys. But beating a game of Snake is something to be proud of!

There are multiple ways to win Snake, depending on the version of the game you are playing. In the classic version, growing your snake’s tail to a length of ten means you have won the game. In other variations of the game, in which there are no walls or barricades, you must fill the entire screen without hitting your tail in order to win.

Whichever variation of this classic game you choose to play, Snake is an interesting and challenging way to spend your time! What are you waiting for? Play classic Snake online free today!

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