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Rules of Russian Pool

In this game, the table is set with sixteen balls without differences. The primary goal of the game is sinking 8 balls in. Whoever gets all 8 balls in first is declared the winner.

Russian Pyramid Rules as Currently Implemented

  1. Game objective – Scoring a total of eight points against the opponent.
  2. Scoring
    • A legally pocketed ball is counted as one point awarded to the shooter.
    • One point from the score of the offending player is deducted however, if foul is committed.
  3. The Penalty Ball – A previous legally pocketed ball of the offenders is spotted in case of a Foul. The penalty ball refers to the ball being spotted in this situation.
  4. Cue Ball and Object Balls
    • There is no permanently designated cue ball (hit by the cue) in the game of “Pyramid”.
    • In all circumstances in making a stroke, any ball on the table regardless of number and color can be used as a cue ball except in the opening break. On the other hand, all the other balls in the table, regardless of number and color is treated as object balls (hit by the cue ball).
  5. Collision
    • Collisions or contact between the cue ball and the object balls are conditions necessary for all legal shots and that includes the opening break.
    • A direct hit, or banking off a cushion are both legal when hitting an object ball with a cue ball.
    • A failure of the cue ball to hit an object ball is a foul.
  6. Rules of Play
    • A player is allowed to choose for a cue ball before any stroke besides the opening break.
    • With each legally pocketed ball, the shooter continually plays and again entitled the liberty of choosing his cue ball.
    • In a situation where no balls pocketed in a stroke or a stroke performed was a foul, the turn is given to the opponent to shoot and awarded the freedom to choose the cue ball.
    • Any object ball is allowed to be pocketed by the cue ball and the cue ball as well is allowed to be pocketed by any object ball and vice versa.
    • Calls to the ball or the pocket are not necessary. All balls that went in on a legal stroke are automatically awarded to the shooter.
  7. Cue Ball On Opening Break – each game is opened with a break shot from the foot spot with cue ball in hand.
  8. Legal Opening Break Shot
    • A break shot is considered legal if the following conditions are not violated:
      • Any ball in the table is legally pocketed, or
      • Any ball in the table has cushioned twice, or
      • Any ball after banking off a cushion crosses the centerline.

      Failure to meet the said requirements is a foul.

    • When a foul is called on the player who made the break shot, opportunity to shoot the opening break is given to the incoming player and the balls are re-racked.
  9. Legal Shot – Except for the opening break, any shot is legal if there are no violations made in the following and in addition – after contact of the cue ball to any ball in the table, a ball is pocketed, or banks off any cushion and then:
    • Touched another cushion, or
    • Drives any ball to another cushion, or
    • Touches any ball frozen to another cushion, or crossed the centerline and then:
    • Touches any cushion, or
    • Drives any ball to any cushion.
    • Failure to meet the said requirement is a foul.


  10. Legally and Illegally Pocketed Balls
    • A considered legally pocketed ball is a ball that drops off the table bed and into the pocket and remains inside as a result of a clean legal stroke.
    • If any of these conditions is violated in a stroke, the balls that went in the pockets are considered illegally pocketed as a result of an illegal stroke.
    • Illegally pocketed balls are not counted; these balls will be spotted together with the penalty ball.
    • A ball is not considered pocketed when it bounds off the pocket back into the table bed. No penalty is to be imposed however.
  11. Spotting Balls
    • Right after the completion of the previous shot and before the next shot begins; all illegally pocketed balls are spotted along with the penalty balls.
    • The balls are placed in an arbitrary order on the spotting line if there are any balls to be spotted. It is placed as close as possible from the foot spot to the foot cushion but not frozen to each other.
      In case there are balls that interfere with the spotting of the balls such as the balls are on or near the spotting line, the spotted ball is placed on the spotting line as close as possible to the foot spot and as close as possible to the interfering ball but not frozen to each other.
      Whenever the spotted balls had no sufficient room to be placed on the spotting line between the foot spot and the foot cushion, the spotted ball is then placed on the extension of the spotting line which is between the foot spot and center spot. But then it will be placed as close as possible to the foot spot.
    • The incoming player can use any spotted ball as the cue ball or as the object ball.
  12. Penalties
    • Penalties are implemented in circumstances such as:
      • the “cue ball” does not collide with any object on the stroke;
      • foul on the opening break shot;
      • foul on a cue ball stroke;
      • an illegally completed shot;
    • A single penalty is enforced to the player that violates several rules on the single stroke.

Time is a primary factor of the game; the number of the balls that went in is no longer counted when a player runs out of time, the player automatically loses the game. When selecting the parameters, it is highly recommended to put longer lengths of time; or when thinking about rules, try to think about a rule that inclines more about the time.

The Space and Targeted Hit are two buttons in the game interface and are found below the pool table. Space is represented on the screen by a spacebar and the Targeted Hit is represented by the cursor. Clicking on these buttons will change the state of the button and it is indicated as active or non-active.

Space is used for shooting; the button is indicated as active when it is not crossed-out on the screen. Holding down the Space will gradually increase the strength of the hit on the cue ball and can be seen in the Hit strength panel. Releasing the spacebar will then result to a shot.

Targeted Hit is used for sighting and navigating the cursor around the target; this button is indicated as active when the target cursor is not crossed out, this will change the mouse into a cursor.