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Russian Billiards

Russian Billiards

Russian Billiards is a popular table game that is commonly referred to as Pyramids. While it differs slightly from other cue games, it is a variation of traditional Billiards. Throughout history, many famous and important people have spent their spare time playing cue games such as Pyramids. This classic game of strategy and skill has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people engaging in tournaments of skill. Keep reading to learn how to play Russian Billiards.

How To Play Russian Billiards

Russian Billiards uses sixteen balls, similar to other cue sports. Unlike other variations of billiards, however, you play Russian Billiards with fifteen white balls and one red ball. To begin the game, all of these balls are racked up into a pyramid formation, much like any other game of Billiards. This is where the game gets its nickname of Pyramid.

After the balls are racked, one player breaks the formation, and the game begins. Interestingly, in Russian Billiards, any ball is eligible to be used as the cue ball at any given time. Like other versions of Billiards, the object of Russian Billiards is to pocket more balls than your opponent. In most cases, the game ends after eight balls have been pocketed by one player.

Among the differences of Russian Billiards from other cue sports, when a player makes a foul, they are penalized by replacing one of their balls on the table. This makes the game significantly more difficult, although the rules are simple enough. An additional difference that serves to make the game more challenging is the decreased pocket size. In fact, the pocket size is reduced so much that the balls barely fit into the pockets! This makes it much easier to foul, and much harder to score an eligible pocket.

Pyramids is an entertaining and fast paced game of skill and good fortune. Russian Billiards is not available to play online on many websites, but today is your lucky day! You can play Russian Billiards and other games online free at What are you waiting for? Sign up and start playing today!

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