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Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors, also known as Scissors Paper Stone and other similar variations of the same title, originated in Asia around the nineteenth century in Japan. It is thought that a multitude of similar hand games were present in China centuries prior to its spread throughout Japan, but it is in Japan that hand games really began gaining popularity.

Hand games like Rock Paper Scissors have long since been popular among school aged children. However, the game also has a more practical application. It is often used like flipping a coin or rolling dice to assist in decision making where chance is desired. In addition to being an enjoyable past time, this popular hand game has been the inspiration for many detailed algorithms and has been the subject of many mathematical discussions.

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How To Play Rock Paper Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors Stone is a simple game that has simple rules. While thought to be random, a skilled player can often spot patterns in their opponent and thus gain an advantage. In order to play the game, players pound their balled fist on their open palm twice, then on the third strike must make the sign for paper, the sign for stone, or the sign for scissors. Both players follow these actions simultaneously. The sign for stone is expressed with a closed fist. The sign for paper is expressed with a flat open hand. The sign for scissors is expressed with the first two fingers extended and the rest of the fingers closed into the palm of the hand.

In order to determine who has won the game, there is a simple rule players must remember. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beat paper. Rock Paper Scissors Stone is a popular two player game that is a great way to make a choice, but is also fun to play for leisure. If you’ve got a love for chance and a knack for spotting patterns, this is the right game for you! Play Rock Paper Scissors for free online today!

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