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Renju is an ancient board game that has been played in Japan since about 700 AD. Game historians estimate that an archaic version of the popular board game existed up to 4,000 years ago. Renju is commonly thought to be a modern derivative of the ancient Chinese game called Go. This popular board game is still played in many Asian families and schools, and is even the subject of several world tournaments. The first world championship took place in Japan in 1989, and the game has been gaining popularity ever since, with games such as Pente being created as a variation of the original game. Keep reading to find out how to play Renju.

How To Play Renju

Renju is played on a traditional 15 x 15 Go board. The goal of the game is very simple- to get five pieces in a row of the same color. In order to set up the game board, one player must place two black stones and one white stone on the game board in any order. The opposing player then chooses which color stones they wish to play. The player who chooses white places one stone, followed by black, who places two stones. The white player removes one of the black stones that were just placed, and then the game continues normally.

On each move, a player places one stone in any board location, with the goal of lining up five tiles in a row. Because of the initial setup of game play, Renju rules favor the player who chooses the black stones. This makes it easier for black to win. In order to counter this, there are certain rules that black must follow that do not apply to white. These rules restrict the black player from placing a tile in a location that creates two chains of three or two chains of four in one move. Black is also restricted from creating an ‘overline’, which is defined as a row of six or more stones.

White can win by making any of the moves that black is restricted from making, or by forcing black to make such a move.

Renju is a fun game of strategy and skill that is easy to learn and engaging to play. Play Renju free online today with GamesDa to improve your skills and start building strategies!

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