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How to Win at Roulette

The roulette we are enjoying nowadays has a rich history. Originally formed as a game of skill and luck, different modifications were made as of date in order to make it more fair and challenging. Because of that, how to win at roulette has became a little harder nowadays.

Modifications started because of avid players turned cheaters who control the strength of every roll they do. It is the very reason why we play it in tables nowadays. Though movies show that the dealer sometimes pushes a button to make the ball jump, it is not actually the case in casinos.

If ever you still feel unsecured in playing actual games, you can try it online for free. The experience and excitement would remain the same. If you happen to be a new player, you will find it complicated to understand how to win at roulette because of these factors.

Winning doesn’t only mean that you win tables despite having negative income in the end. Everything has to be properly planned. After all, you want to go home bagging the gold. To teach you on how to win at roulette, here are some of the most important things you should remember:

1. Calculate different winning probabilities

One can bet either by choosing a number, a specific number combination, or through their colours. There is 48.6% chance that you win through even, 32.4% to win a dozen or column, 16.2% to win six lines, 10.8% to win corner, 8.1% to win street, 5.4% to win split, and 2.7% to win straight.

If you can feel these values, then you would surely feel how to win at roulette. Lower chances mean higher winnings. As long as you have the courage to go for the risk, you might eventually get there.

2. Know where the ball begins to bounce

Another perspective that the science is looking on is the location where the ball begins to bounce. Since every ball and table is standardized, the possibility of having a constant sequence becomes higher. Wait for that to happen before you do the betting, since this move is allowed.

Hopefully, it can also happen online.


3. Keep on playing and practicing

There is a small chance that a sequence is occurring as you play the game. Keep them all in your mind as you continue playing. One day, you will sure reap the reward to the point that everybody would ask you how to win at roulette.