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How Did Chess and Checkers Set Came to Be?

To come up with a game like chess and checkers, one really needs a very creative mind that is well-trained by perseverance, patience, and wide understanding of mechanics and game play. Considering how old they are now, it is highly shown by the fact that they’re still marketable and playable. It is a strong sign…

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Chess Moves You Should Be Familiar With

A good chess player somehow knows what a certain move looks like once it is executed. If you think you’re good enough but still can’t catch one when executed, then there seems to be a problem. You might probably need to read some good books about the game, or some reviews online about some of…

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The Best Chess Program for Your Improvement

Improving your skills and talent in chess is now possible through the use of modern technology. Especially if you have one of those laptops that can be carried anywhere anytime, all you probably have to do is to install recommended best chess program that would serve this purpose. And depending on how constantly it was…

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Spider Solitaire In Comparison With Other Card Games

One can never feel boredom despite playing card games in solo because there are lots of varieties to choose from. Particularly in solitaire, or sometimes Klondike, you can always shift from one type of game play to another. At one event, you can try FreeCell, and at others, you may prefer to try Spider Solitaire….

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Tested Steps on How to Become a Chess Master

With the more portion of the earth’s population knowledgeable in playing chess, you might find it hard to get to the top and be considered as one of the best. Usually connoted as chess masters, they actually made it despite differences in generation, origin, experiences, and style. Nevertheless, if you are aiming to become one…

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Why Play FreeCell Solitaire Game

At first you might be neglecting the FreeCell game in your computer for lack of understanding or knowledge as to how it goes. In some cases, they even remove it in the system, believing that it contributes to the space that should be freed in the system. As a result, the game was not given…

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Important Reminders When You Go Game Online Against Computer

There are just these times when you wanted to go game online against computer. For example, this can be best done if you are playing role playing games that would require you to continually battle non-player characters to increase your level and experience. This is a must-try if you haven’t done so and you’ll eventually…

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Easy Steps to Make Your Own Board Game Online

Due to mediocrity, some of the board games out there become too boring to be continually played. Ironically, this is the same reason why they drop out of the market. Reviving it takes a lot of time since it requires new marketing ideas, gimmicks, and sometimes an approach or rules that in turn would improve…

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Web Solitaire vs. Offline Solitaire: Which Is Better?

Solitaire, as the name implies, is a card game played in solo. Your aim is to top up and use all the cards in the table and the deck to complete the puzzle. Due to its simplicity, it was easily adopted and provided with an offline and online gaming version. Very handy should you find…

Board games

Advantages of the Sicilian Defense

There are really those times wherein you really have to play black in chess. Without the benefit of doing the first move, you are pushed to take defense as others note when they play with the same color. Thankfully, there are also strategies developed to help you turn your defense to a win. After all,…