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Mahjong, also known as Mah-Jong or Mah-Jongg, is an ancient board game of Chinese origin. Dating back more than two thousand years, Mahjong was developed around the time of Confucius, or approximately five hundred years before the foundation of Christianity. During the first few centuries of its reign as a popular board game, it was illegal for anyone outside of the royal class to possess or play this game. It was not until around 500AD that the penalty of decapitation was lifted, freeing Mahjong to be played by the public. With the lift of the class ban came the spread of the game throughout Asia and Europe. Since then, the game has continued to gain much popularity, and is currently played most often in digital form. Keep reading to learn how to play this classic board game!

How To Play Mahjong

There are two variations of Mahjong with different rules. The solitaire variation of the game involves one person attempting to match pairs of tiles in a tile formation in order to uncover the next level. In this version, the game is won when all of the matches have been found and the player does not become stuck or unable to pair up any more tiles. The multi player version is slightly more complicated.

In classic multiplayer Mahjong, four players roll dice to determine who goes first. This player is called “East” with the other players being called “North”, “South”, and “West” moving in a clockwise rotation. Each player must then arrange eighteen tiles face down, two layers deep, to form a wall in front of the empty playing space. Dice are then rolled to determine which of these walls to demolish first, with players taking turns to draw tiles and add up points.

The object of Classic Mahjong is to make pairs and sets. Three combinations and one pair make a winning set, allowing the player to win the game.

Both form of Mahjong are popular and fun to play. While the solitaire version is more popular among computer users, both varieties are available to play free online. Play Mahjong today to experience a true classic in board and table games!

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