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Lines are addictive strategy games that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Simplified versions of these games exist that are perfect for children, and more difficult versions with more rules and regulations are available for adults. Lines games were first introduced into the gaming world with the advent of the personal computer and online gaming. The presence of free games online allows players to indulge in endless hours of strategizing and line breaking to their hearts’ content.

Lines games are now a popular way for players to beat cubical boredom. These games are often fast paced with short play time, making them optimal games to play between tasks at work or school, or while you’re watching the clock and need to quickly pass some spare time. These games are a exciting, simple, and still manage to be somewhat challenging! Keep reading to learn how to play lines games!

How To Play Lines

Lines games are typically made up of balls, bubbles, marbles, jewels, or other space hogging objects. These items arrange themselves into lines, and it is the player’s responsibility to clear the game board without leaving and single items behind.

There are several styles of lines games. Some lines games involve clicking on combinations of three or more like items. Other varieties of these entertaining games require players to swap positions of two adjacent items in order to create groups of three, five, or more. Players interested in playing line games can read up on the individual game’s rules to find out exactly what is required of them.

In general, players can’t win line games without clearing the entire board. Unfortunately, failing to make combinations that clear the entire board result in failure of the game. In this way, lines games become more about strategy than random mouse clicking.

Lines games can be played free online through a variety of game hosting websites, including These games are fun, addictive, and can help players enhance their observation and strategy building skills. Check out lines games from GamesDa today to see what all the excitement is about.

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