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Sometimes called The Chinese Lottery, Keno is a simplistic form of gambling that has its origins in ancient China. Based loosely on an ancient nursery rhyme, it was originally used as a teaching aide in companion with the children’s rhyme to help children learn one thousand Chinese characters. In 200 BC, a renowned Chinese general used 120 of the characters found in the children’s rhyme to create a gambling game. As Keno developed, officiants would draw random combinations of Chinese characters twice a day, granting a person more bets if they won, and removing bets if they lost. In this way, the lottery was born.

The game of Keno was so popular in ancient China that the taxes and funds collected from playing managed to act as the single source of funding for the construction of the infamous Great Wall of China. It made its way to North America during the Gold Rush, where it developed into the popular gambling game that is played today. Interested in learning to play Keno? Keep reading to find out how!

How To Play Keno

The first time you play Keno, you will see that it is similar to Lotto. In order to play, you must select a variety of numbers. You can select between four and ten numbers ranging from one to eighty. When you play Chinese lottery online, you get results much faster than if you play in a casino. In Casino Keno, twenty numbered balls are drawn at random from a basket or barrel. These numbers are called, and if enough of your numbers match the numbers on the balls, you win. When you play Keno online, these numbers are drawn automatically.

Most Casinos and online game play websites have a minimum bet that you must place before you are allowed to start playing Keno. Check with the house keno rules to learn the minimum bet before you begin playing.

Keno is an engaging and enjoyable game of chance. Play Keno online to get an idea of how to play before you hit the Casinos. To test your luck, play Keno online today with GamesDa!

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