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Gomoku is a rather abstract game of strategy that originated in Japan. The name is derived of two Japanese words; Go, meaning five, and Moku, meaning line up. It is thought that Gomoku was invented around 270 BC in China under a different name. In its current form, the game is played on a standard 19 x 19 Go board, using Go pieces. Go pieces are simple black and white stones. It is not known whether or not Gomoku was originally played using Go pieces.

This popular game wasn’t introduced in Westernized countries until the nineteenth century. A tournament variety of the game was eventually created, called Renju, which is thought to be one of the greatest strategy games in the world. Gomoku is now a popular game and available to play free online. Keep reading to find out how to play!

How To Play Gomoku

Because the game pieces do not move once they are placed on the board, Gomoku can also be played as a paper and pencil game. The player using the black stones goes first, and players take turns placing stones on any of the board’s many intersections. In order to win the game, either player must get five stones in a row. A row of five can be made vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

Contrary to popular belief, Gomoku is not an easy game! It can be quite challenging to achieve the desired five stones in a row, since your opponent is constantly trying to block your moves. Despite this, Gomoku is not as challenging as other games of its kind, including Go and Shogi (essentially Japanese Chess). This makes it an ideal game for a beginner player.

Gomoku is also a game that takes little time to play, making it possible for players to complete several rounds in half an hour. In this way, players are able to quickly grasp the concept of the game and develop their skills and strategies.

If you want to learn to play Gomoku, you’re in the right place! Start building your skills by playing Gomoku free online with GamesDa today!

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