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Dice Wars

Dice Wars

It is not known exactly when or where playing dice originated, but ancient dice have been found in the great tombs of Egypt. It is thought that dice originated around 6000 BC in various parts of the world, and they have been a popular means of passing the time and determining fortune since their advent. Regardless of when and where they originally came from, dice are still considered some of the most versatile game pieces to date, and are used in thousands of games worldwide to this very day.

Dice Wars is just one of many strategic dice games that have been played throughout history. It is uncertain who first created the game of Dice Wars, but if you play Dice Wars today, you will see why it is so popular! Similar to the popular board game Risk, it involves territories battling to take over control of the world. Unlike Risk, however, Dice Wars is simple, fast paced, and engaging! Dice Wars is a game of logic, strategy, and fun! So, how do you play Dice Wars?

How To Play Dice Wars

Dice Wars online is a game in which players compete to gain control of territories on the map. The map is made up of randomly placed computer generated hexagons, making the game different every time. Dicewars can be played against as many as seven opponents, depending on how long and challenging you want your game to be!

When you play this game, two opponents roll their sets of dice. If the total score of your dice is greater than that of your opponent’s, all of the attacking dice must move onto the opponent’s territory, except for one die which stays behind as a place holder. Sound similar to Risk? That’s because it is!

In order to end a turn, your greatest number of adjoining, or linked, territories is calculated. You are then awarded a bonus based on the number of dice you have, and can gain additional dice to give you an advantage over your opponents on your next turn.

Play Dice Wars online to see what a simple but addicting and satisfying game this is! Do not want to waste time? Do not worry! Play Dice Wars online with GamesDa to boost your math and logic skills while you have fun!

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