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First appearing in Russia in the 1970’s, Clabber is a popular card game that has historically been enjoyed by a wide range of people. Also known as Klabberjass, the game seems to have originated with the Dutch. The game has historically had great popularity among Jewish communities, and a derivative of Klabberjass is the national game of France.

Clabber spread throughout Europe and to the United States of America with the traveling and settling of German immigrants. Continue reading to learn all about playing Clabber.

How To Play Clabber

Clabber is a game that is played with four players and is categorized as a trick taking game. Unlike other trick taking games, Klabberjass awards players the number of points in a trick, not the number of tricks themselves.

There are five basic rules you must know in order to play Clabber. The player seated to the left of the dealer chooses the first lead card. The basic rules of Clabber are as follows:

1. When possible, players must follow suit. This means they must play a card of the same suit as the lead card.

2. Players who cannot follow suit have to trump in. Trumping in is accomplished by playing a trump card. The trump card or trump suit is determined prior to gameplay and is reserved for winning a trick.

3. If unable to follow suit or trump in, players can place any other card. While this will not win a trick, it does count as legal game play and is known as ‘throwing off suit’.

4. A player who places a trump card can only place a trump card higher than the highest trump card that has already been placed. This is called ‘overtrumping’.

5. If a non-trump card has been placed, players are not obligated to trump this card when playing their own hands. Their cards must follow suit, but do not have to have a higher face value.

There are a variety of strategies that determine how points are won in Clabber. Basic points are awarded to players who win a trick, and an extra 10 points are awarded to the player who takes the last trick. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins. Clabber is an engaging, interesting card game that can be enjoyed by anyone. Play Clabber with GamesDa today!

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