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Bubble Shooter

Bubble shooter

Bubble shooter is a casual game that is enjoyed by many players throughout the world. It is loved for its charming simplicity and elements that are reminiscent of puzzle and shooter games. Bubble Shooter, which had been considered a children’s game for quite some time, was first released for PC use in March of 2001. Since then, the game’s quick play time, simplicity, and availability on portable devices has made it a popular boredom buster for kids and adults alike. Eventually, a free Flash version of the game made it popular on many websites, GamesDa among them.

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How To Play Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is a game that embraces simplicity, with few rules and few strategies. The game comes equipped with two basic games modes; Strategy and Arcade. Strategy mode has a shots limit- players who exceed this limit lose the game. Arcade mode has a time limit, forcing players to rush to beat the clock.

Bubble Shooter consists of a grid screen filled with a variety of colored balls, or bubbles. The player is able to view the current ball loaded in the shooter, as well as the next ball. In this way, players may be strategic in deciding where to place the balls. The object of Bubble Shooter is to clear the entire playing field of balls by forming like-colored groups of three or more.

Losing Bubble Shooter is easy if you’re not careful. When the balls reach the bottom of the screen, the game is over. To make things a bit easier for the beginner, the game has four modes of difficulty. You can play on easy, novice, expert and master. Likewise, the game also has multiple scoring options, including Sniper, the aim of which is to make the least shoots possible, and Classic, which does not count shots or limit time.

Bubble Shooter is a great game that is fun to play when quick playtime is a must. It offers players the opportunity to break down screens of bubbles as quickly or slowly as they like, based on which game mode they have chosen, and is bound to become addictive in its charming simplicity. Play Bubble Shooter and other free online games today with GamesDa!

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