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ot around until about the 17th century. Popular at the time was another card game called Whist. It is not known where exactly Bridge came from, or why the popular game is called Bridge. Etymologists suspect that it is named after the game of Russian Whist, also called Britch.

Despite its foggy origins, Bridge became popular among sailors and soldiers in the late 1800s. By 1890, the game was introduced in the United States and has, impressively, kept its popularity since then. But what exactly is Bridge?

It is a card game played with a standard deck of 52 cards. It is fast paced, requires four players, and relies heavily on concentration and the players level of skill. Bridge is a game of strategy, as well as one of luck.

How To Play Bridge

To begin the game, teams must be established. In order to establish teams, each player must pick a card out of the deck. The two highest cards make one team, while the two lowest cards make another team. Additionally, this method is used to choose the dealer. The person who draws the highest card is expected to deal the first hand of Bridge.

The dealer then deals one card to each player, moving in a clockwise direction until the entire deck is handed out. Sometimes Bridge is played with one deck, and sometimes it is played with two. When you play Bridge online, you will likely use two decks.

The concept of the game is to see how many tricks you and your partner can take. All four players playing a card is called a trick, and the person who places the highest card while following suit wins that trick. Similar to other popular card games, when you play Bridge you must follow suit of the leader if possible; that is, if the leader places a heart, everyone else must place hearts.

Bridge is a fun and fascinating card game that young adults and adults can enjoy! Play Bridge online today with GamesDa!

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