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Black Jack is a popular card game that is derived from another card game called Twenty One. Twenty One originated sometime around the beginning of the 17th century, or possibly earlier. Since the introduction of Casinos in the United States, Twenty One has become widespread, and was renamed black jack. In order to keep players interested in the game, many American casinos would offer players a monetary incentive for hands containing either the Jack of Clubs or the Jack of Spades- black jacks. In this way, the name of the game was eventually changed to Black Jack. Keep reading to find out how to play this popular card game!

How To Play Black Jack

The rules of Black Jack are fairly simple. It is a game of comparison, in which the players’ hands are compared with the dealer’s hand. Played with at least one standard 52 card deck, there are plenty of opportunities to draw a winning hand. In order to begin the game, each player must place a bet. The dealer then deals two cards face up to each player. The dealer, however, receives one card face up and the other face down, called a hole card. The dealer looks at the hole card but does not reveal his or her hand unless it is a perfect twenty one.

The object of the game is for players to create a total card score that is higher than the dealer’s score, without exceeding a total score of twenty one. Exceeding twenty one is called busting or breaking. Players who bust or break must immediately fold their cards.

After the first round of cards is dealt, players may choose to hit or stay. Requesting a hit means they are requesting another card be dealt. Requesting a stay means choosing not to accept another card. While this is a useful strategy, players that choose to stay are unable to raise their score any higher, making this a potentially dangerous move.

Black jack is a game of skill and luck. It is luck of the draw that determines what card will fall to which player, but players can use strategies and math to determine the likelihood of drawing twenty one or busting. Play black jack free online today to start learning your skills and strategies! You’ll be ready for casino play in no time!

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