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Battleship, also known as Battleships or Sea Battle, is a strategic guessing game played between two players. The game dates back to World War I, and was a popular pad and pencil game before it was adapted into a board game by Milton Bradley in 1967. The game’s origins prior to World War I are all speculation, with some suggestions that Battleship is French, and other accounts that it was popular among Russian soldiers.

Regardless of its earliest origins, we know that Battleship dates back to at least World War I and started out as a popular pad and pencil game. In 1967, it was adapted into a board game, using plastic boards and red and white pegs to mark the board. In 1977, an electronic version of the game was released. The updated versions of this game continue to be popular today.

Battleship was also one of the first games to be computerized, and also found its way to several early gaming systems, beginning with Atari. The popularity of this board game is so great that in the year 2012, Battleship, a movie inspired by the game, was released. Keep reading to learn how to play this popular board game!

How To Play Battleship

Battleship is played on four grids, with each player controlling two grids. One grid is for positioning the player’s ships, while the other grid is for marking moves to try and locate the opponent’s ships.

Before play begins, each player arranges ships on his or her own grid. The location of these ships is a secret, and the player should take care to keep the board covered from the opponent. The ships cannot overlap, and each player has the same ships. Game play commences in a series of rounds, during which each player takes a turn calling out the coordinates of a grid space. The opponent must either state “Hit” if a ship is occupying that space, or “Miss” if the space is unoccupied. The player marking their shots uses a white peg to signify misses and a red peg to signify hits. In this way, the player can predict where the ships lie. The first player to sink all of the opponent’s ships wins.

Battleship is an enjoyable strategy game that you can play alone online or with friends. Play free online games like Battleship with GamesDa today!

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