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9 Ball Pool

9 Ball Pool online

9 ball pool is a contemporary billiards game that originated in America in the 1920s. Unlike other billiards games, Snooker among them, 9 ball pool is strictly American. Up until the 1980’s, a variation of pool called 14 to 1 was the most popular billiards game. Unfortunately, 14.1 offered little to no chance of the underdog winning. On the other hand, 9 ball pool offers the chance for even the least skilled players to come up victorious. Interested? Keep reading to find out how to play 9 ball pool!

Like many billiards games, 9 ball can be played in a social or recreational setting with any number of players, but is generally one on one. The game is played on a standard pocket billiards table with six holes and ten balls. The object of the game is to strike the solid white cue ball will the pool stick and eventually pocket the nine ball. For fair play, the cue ball must strike the lowest numbered ball first, though the balls can be pocketed in any order. As a result, the nine ball can be pocketed at any time in the game, and doesn’t have to be saved for last like the 8 ball in traditional 8 ball pool. Pocketing the 9 ball results in an instant win- even on a break shot.

The ultimate object of the game is to legally pocket the black eight ball in any of the tables six pockets. This can only be done after all the players balls are removed from the table.

How To Play 9 Ball Pool

To begin the game, the balls must be placed in a diamond formation using a rack. Proper formation consists of the 1 ball on the lowest point of the diamond, facing the cue ball, and the 9 ball nestled in the center. Whichever player breaks the rack must strike the cue ball against the diamond formation. If the breaker pockets a ball, it is still his turn unless a foul is made. To play better 9 Ball Poll, read and learn more about the rules and tricks.

9 ball pool is an exciting and fast paced variation of pool. This billiards game can end on the first shot, making it unpredictable and potentially very fast. For this reason, as well as the luck aspect of the game, which means winning is not directly related to a player’s skill, 9 ball pool has remained immensely popular among billiards players in the United States. To experience the excitement of 9 ball pool, play online with GamesDa today!

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